Work process

My work is constructed through series of paintings. I tend to see them as chapters in an ongoing novell I go back and forth between them. Adding, subtracting within and sometimes closing. But more frequently I add new chapters. I have note books full och words, sentences, thouths quickly caught and written down. If they will be invisioned in physical form is unknown to me. They are seperated from drawings and sketches, this is important. These written words is an imediate respond to whats happening within and I dont understand them always, they have to be free and unbound by logic or time. Rarely in sync with my physical process of the work at hand, the ideas and emotions are always a step ahead. Im a day dreamer and all ideas comes from this. I never strive for a logic and linear work process. I belive artist’s should abandoned all such ideas and leave them to the rest of the world. The unwritten novel is a metaphore for how I see and must see my work. A blank paper is very important foundation. The chance to reinvent yourself. Tabula Rasa must be enforced. My eyes must be like a child, open and naive, curios at the same time my hands know things, I trust them more than my mind because they are silent, old and withering.